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5 Unique Egg Dishes On Streets Of India

Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav February 8, 2018

Indian streets are full of delicious and low priced food right from Veg to Non- Veg. But Egg dishes are the one that has always flourished on streets of India. Here we bring, different variety of Egg dishes those are found on streets of India that people like to gorge on, with different tastes depending upon the region it is been made.

1. Mughlai Egg Paratha

Although the name ‘Mughlai Paratha’, this egg dish marks its origin from West Bengal. And is found best on streets of Kolkata. Also, it can be made with vegetables or chicken depending on one’s preference.

2. Egg Maggi

It can be called as an experimental dish that teased our taste buds and then came among the dishes served as breakfast/snack time.

3. Dimer Devil

Also known as stuffed egg or Russian egg, Dimer devil is made of a boiled egg cut in half and stuffed with other ingredients in the form of small balls and is best served as starters.

4. Anda Paratha

Among one of the most easy to make and healthy to eat egg dish is Anda Paratha

5. Egg French Toast

Very healthy and easy to make breakfast, that is made with only few ingredients namely Egg, Bread, salt and sugar.

So, these were some of the most liked egg dishes that Indian foodies like to munch on.