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5 Best Restaurants In Jaipur

Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav February 27, 2018

Jaipur, the royal city of Rajasthan has some of the best restaurants and hotels, with royal recipes and authentic food. The main attraction of these hotels and restaurants are their ancient architecture and typical Rajasthani food.

1. Jai Mahal Hotel


An Indo-Saracenic architectural master piece with royal ambience all around Jai Mahal a part of Taj Hotels is a 5 Star hotel in Jaipur. It has the best food and is a perfect place to be at in the city of Jaipur.


2. Sheesh Mahal Bar & Restaurant

Situated in the very majestic and architectural beauty Sheesh Mahal, aslo known as ‘Mirror Palace’. This place serves some of the best Mocktails and Cocktails and seafood here are the signature creations.

3. Suvarna Mahal

Again a part of Taj Hotel Group, Suvarna Mahal is well known for its architectural marvel and some very talented chefs, who have mastered Royal cuisine from states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Hyderabad. One would definitely fall in love with royal food and architecture in here.

4. Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar

Popularly known as LMB, Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar is said to be the first 3 star hotel in the state. It is popularly known for its sweet shop and serving authentic Rajasthani sweets like Paneer ghewar, Sweet lassi and more. It is situated in Jauhari Bazar in the city.

5. 1135 AD

1135 AD Amber, truly shows the Royal culture of Rajasthani cuisine. Since the chefs from the time of kings have been passing on their secret recipes to the further generation and henceforth they have their own style and taste of cooking.

These are some of the best restaurants one will definitely want to visit in the royal city- Jaipur. And immerse yourself in the beauty of the royal architecture and food.