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Aam Panna

Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav March 3, 2018

Aam Panna is an ancient Indian drink that is made with raw mangoes and sweetened with either sugar or jaggery. It is made by steaming or boiling the mangoes and mixing it other ingredients to make a refreshing drink for summer.

“Tip: Serve chilled, with orange pulps in it.”


  • Mango – 2Large size
  • Powdered sugar- As per sweetness
  • Black salt- 2 Tsp
  • Black Pepper- 1 Tsp


  • Properly rinse the mangoes and steam them in the pressure cooker until it becomes tender and pulpy.
  • Now peel the pulp from mango, add sugar, black salt and black pepper and mix them properly.
  • Now blend the mixture and store it in an airtight bottle and serve with ice cubes in it.