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Ice Diet: Ice Up Your Diet For Losing Weight?

Minal Metkari January 27, 2018

We all are scared of those extra kilos that make our heart fear gaining weight and getting out of shape. And then those gym workouts and diets come to our rescue. With Keto diet, beauty diet, whole30 diet, protein diet etc., topping the list of our cheating on food, there is one new diet, which is shouting loud of an unbelievable weight-loss makeover.

Ice diet

Lose weight the ice way!
Lose weight the ice way!

Invented by Dr. Brian Weiner, Ice diet is an ice way to cut down on those extra carbs by feeding on a lot of ice daily. When clubbed with a healthy diet, ice consumption will not only kick-start the metabolism of our body but it will also act as a filler to make up for those extra food cravings.  According to Dr. Weiner’s claims, consuming about 1 liter of ice can help in the burning of approximately 160 calories. But, beware as too much ice can cause cough and cold. Hence, we have a found a tested way to follow the ice diet while not falling ill.

  1. Ice Water

Ice-cold water for burning calories.
Ice-cold water for burning calories.

Drinking water is healthy, but drinking ice cold water will not only burn fats but also make you feel less hungry. But, don’t go overboard as a proportionate dose of ice will make wonders.

  1. Ice Tea

Ice Tea promotes healthy weight-loss.
Ice Tea promotes healthy weight-loss.

Grab a drink of an iced green tea, a combo of good health and weight loss. This will act as an appetite inhibitor.

Well, apart from the above healthy ways, you can also alternate with cold showers, blessing your waist with an ice-pack for further calorie burning. Sounds strange, but it’s true, why don’t you check out for yourself?


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